Angelino Dulcert 1339

Data provided by Dagobert

A global fit with errors of upto 63 km


A much better local fit with a mean error of 17 km


A smaller region with an error of 5.5 km


Here a mean error of 11 km


Combined fit with 10 pieces and an error of 20 km


Here are the identified locations in Google Earth, where their geographical coordinates were set

Here we have a long piece of coastline that fits very good on a very primitive mapping method: each place along the coast is mapped with the real distance and wind direction relative to its predecessor. This fits better than the conventional projections like Mercator or Lambert, with a mean error of 24.5 km over the whole coastline.

Here we fit all data with 4 pieces of this mapping, where each piece can have its own scale and direction



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